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Matt 5:9

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Rosicrucian Fundamentals


Rosicrucian Fundamentals 

Concerning the Origin of the Fellowship Teachings

 Rosicrucian Fellowship Purposes, Aims, and Activities

The General Work of  The Rosicrucian Fellowship

Chronology about Max  Heindel and The  Rosicrucian Fellowship

 by Ger Westenberg

The Mystic and Occult in  Max Heindel’s Writings by C.W.




Why the Evergreen Trees never loses thei leaves

 by Florence Holbrook




The Rosicrucian Way

From Max Heindel's Writings


Max Heindel


Christian Rosenkreuz and the Order of Rosicrucians

The Symbolism of the Rose Cross

The Aquarian Age and the Second Advent

Aphorisms from Max Heindel Writings

The Star of Bethlehem : A Mystic Fact

The Astronomical Allegories of the Bible




Mystic Light

The Mystic Order Of Essenes  by Enid S. Smith, Ph.D.

Aquarian Conflict Resolution  by Elsa Glover

 World Peace Meditation 

The Triumph of Light  by C.W.

 Symbolism Is Our Source of Knowledge  by C.W.

Regeneration by C.W.

Rosicrucianism and Christianity  by C.W.

Dying and Becoming  by C.W.


Readers'  Questions


Readers' Questions
from Rays from the Rose Cross

Western Wisdom Bible Study


Trinitarian God in the Gospel of St. John by C.W.


New Age


New Birth Through Regeneration

The Twelve Holly Days

by Corinne Heline

Aquarian Conflict Resolution  by Elsa Glover




Roads to God by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Invisible Helpers by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

 Who is a Christian? by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

"In my mind's eye a temple , like a cloud"
by William Wordsworth (1827)

Why the Evergreen Trees never loses thei leaves

 by Florence Holbrook




The Devolution and Evolution of Astrology by Manly P. Hall

Discovering Scorpio by Ruth Winocur

Astrology—Is an Old Science Coming of Age?

Planetary Vibrations & Fate and Free Will

 Steps in the Scientific Reading of the Horoscope

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Nutrition and Health


The Occult Effect of Certain Foods  by C.W.

Eating Meat: Some Esoteric Considerations  by C.W.

Vegetarian Domestic Science


Chapel Talks


Christmas in the Aquarian Age by Ruth Winocur

 Discovering Scorpio by Ruth Winocur

Enjoying Life  by Ruth Winocur


Christmas in the Aquarian Age by Ruth Winocur


At What Price by Ruth Winocur

Being Resourceful by Fox Ngandu

As a Man Thinketh by Fox Ngandu



Book Reviews


Fama Fraternitatis by Alexander  David

 The Peshitta: A New Look at an Old Book by C.W.


by Jeff Auen


Rosicrucian Events and Activities


 Calendar of Events at Mount Ecclesia

Rosicrucian Fellowship Natal Chart

Oceanside Map




The Wages of Revenge

A Christmas Story

Symbolism of Christmas  

The Golden Rule


Tribute to Elza M. Glover, PhD.


Tribute to Elsa M. Glover, PhD

  Elsa M. Glover 's Transition

Elsa M. Glover, PhD


Human Rights




"I do  not support any inquisitonal behaviour because it demands that we give up our most important human asset, the ability to question. It demands that we simply believe. Isn't that true of any dictator, of any totalitarian society? Insofar as social development is concerned, nothing is of greater importance than the human function of questioning. . . . Questioning led to the development of civilization." 

-Vladimir Pozner






Mount Ecclesia  - The Place of Prayer


A Place Of Prayer

by Max Heindel


 Mount Ecclesia

The Ecclesia Healing Temple at Mount Ecclesia

Mount Ecclesia is a picturesque spot of nature grounds in Oceanside, California (southern California) and the location of the international headquarters of a fraternal and service organization called The Rosicrucian Fellowship. It is also the location of its spiritual healing temple, called "The Ecclesia", situated upon the promontory of a high mesa.

Mount Ecclesia was launched in October 28, 1911, through a ceremony of ground-breaking which consisted in planting a large Cross with the initials C.R.C. — meaning Christian Rose Cross, the Head of the Rosicrucian Order — painted in gilt letters on the three upper ends and with a climbing rose.

The Healing Temple "The Ecclesia" was erected, for the purpose of affording more powerful means for the healing of disease, and dedicated on December 25, 1920. Spiritual Healing meetings are held in this holy place at a regular time each day by the Probationers who have consecrated their lives to this work.

Since its foundation, the Rosicrucian Fellowship faithfully observes the basic condition, set by its founder Max Heindel, that no price, membership dues or fees, should be put on its teachings. Mount Ecclesia's foundation archetype, highest ideal or mission, is to become a Spiritual Center in the world, as an effort "to unite and harmonize each with the others by teaching a religion that is both scientific and artistic, and to gather all churches into one great Christian Brotherhood." (Historical Notes: October 28, 1911 [1])

Landscape equilibrium


C.R.C., the Founder's Cross

Mount Ecclesia landscape, with its 24 man-made structures (23 buildings and the main entrance conic area), the lovely rose gardens and a luxuriant preserved vegetation — in the middle of one of the world's most expensive and intensive real estate development areas, in southern California — has become a paradigm of landscape equilibrium between the development of a built environment and the conservation of the natural environment.

In 1989, the restoration of Mount Ecclesia "old landmarks" and unreinforced masonry buildings was outlined. In order to comply with Oceanside's earthquake secure construction rules, effort is being made, dependent upon donations, to renovate and reinforce the structures.

Temple's architecture

As in all the solar temples, "The Ecclesia" portal is facing east (the rising sun). In front of the portal stand two palm trees. The portal is constituted by a triangle structure upon two round columns (pilasters), containing in the centre an equilateral triangle with the 'all-seeing-eye'. The columns fuse Greek and Roman styles, each one with a capital crowned by a finial globe. The round 12-sided building architecture is composed by round arches and narrow round inward windows. Its great dome is composed by a cupola crowned by a golden globe with a finial of lights. The inner portal and the Temple's interior is ornamented with alchemical and astrological symbols. It is a solar temple dedicated to the coming Age of Aquarius..


Board meeting on October 22nd, 2006

New Chairperson fo the Board: Alexandra Porter

New President: Renate Shomaker

New Vice-Presidente: Luis Blanco

 An agreement to end the lawsuit filed to protect the land of Mount Ecclesia

Message from Alexandra Porter, PhD.

Chairperson fo the Board of The Rosicrucian Fellowship






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Light to Mount Ecclesia

 O God, increase my Love for Thee

So that I may serve Thee better from day to day.

Let the words of my mouth

And the meditation of my heart

Be acceptable in Thy sight,

O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer,

I ask that Christ's Light engulfs Mount Ecclesia and the Rosicrucian Fellowship

so that this Holy Place will keep on flying higher and Radiating its Light

and Healing Energies all over the Globe, until we meet again at the Rose Cross,

with Roses garnished, and our hearts pure, untarnished.

 May the Roses Bloom Upon Your Cross

- From Rosenet Forum


A Sane Mind, A Soft Heart, A Sound Body


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